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Cheongsam dress, to be a Jiaoqiao beautiful bride
Like the Chinese style of the beautiful bride! How can a wedding of their own cheongsam dress it! Improve the classic embroidery, ancient charm enchanting, luxurious charm, to create the ancient charm of the charm of the East beauty! Let you become the focus of the crowd Oh!

Elegant Chinese-style cheongsam dress, retro small collar collar, skin-friendly soft satin fabric, the traditional word buckle, skirt fine embroidery sequins, waist self-cultivation tailoring, so that the body of the body to find the water to meet the water , Distributed classical charm.

Chinese traditional bride wedding dress, the use of soft satin material, Chinese flanging collar, delicate peony embroidery, symmetrical and orderly three-dimensional carved, classical three-layer cuffs, bright silk dress design, not only highlights the elegant Posture, but also the elegant state of the bride to show.

Xiu Wo service is a kind of Chinese bride dress, retro elegant pallet collar collar, self-cultivation tailoring, exquisite embroidery embroidery craft, meaning auspicious and a hundred years of good pattern embellishment, aroused the joy of romantic happiness.

Since ancient times, Feng Guan Xia 锟斤拷 are important wedding dress, gorgeous shiny satin fabric, dignified beauty of the small collar, dragon and phoenix Xiangxiang embroidery patterns, uncompromising attention to the waist before and after the design, clever show waist slim, show The bride's perfect figure curve.

formal dresses Wedding is one of the essence of traditional Chinese culture, dressed in classical exquisite red makeup, so you do the United States and the United States bride, the classic cheongsam style collar, a hundred years of good fortune rich peony embroidery, 3D three-dimensional cut, multi-directional show proud Of the body, people feast for the eyes.

Elegant and elegant Chinese style wedding dress, dignified and exquisite collar, chic hand embroidery process, three-dimensional self-cultivation, to create exquisite curves, crisp texture of the skirt design, so that women's soft and more time to release the space The

Very beautiful look beautiful temperament of a wedding dress, simple and elegant collar, dignified and gentle, manual buckle design, two interlocking, in pairs, soft double cuffs, modified slender arm, noble Phoenix Peony embroidery, for the dress adds a unique charm.

Full of retro style of a wedding dress, fashionable buckle collar short wedding dress collar, superb hand-pinned beaded sequins, the traditional embroidery process, unique style of self-cultivation, luxurious atmosphere skirt design, natural gorgeous luster, cheap wedding dress the release of different The breath.