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Can be worn daily, can do dress skirt, the latest soft body makes people shines
cocktail dresses Double V Stereo Embroidered Dress

V-neck design can make the neck look slender, cheek was small, narrow shoulders is important it can reveal sexy clavicle, for the body more full of girls can also be slightly chest curve.

Bring the right sexy sexy skirt body to take a three-dimensional embroidery yarn elegant, delicate texture, showing a graceful posture blooming bouquet of flowers and their echoes to accompany the distribution of women.

Fresh and elegant pleated design, vertical and natural, fashion luxury, elegant graceful. High quality chiffon fabric, light and soft, breathable cool. Fashion H version of the design, Tingzhe type, Slim more thin

Lace stitching silk dresses

Full of holiday style of a sleeveless dress, holiday travel that is necessary ah. Daily leisure is not delayed, go out to wear dating, shopping wear quite nice. Western style flower girl dresses color, knock off skin color. Silk stitching imitation silk fabric, ZUI suitable for summer, however. Pretty printing, 3 layers of sweet cake white dress pendulum, cute and yet a feminine skirt, collar three-dimensional sense of the level of design, comfortable fabrics, exquisite workmanship, skin-friendly choice, feel comfortable. 2017 summer new Zhuo love the Philippines was thin sexy temperament in the long section of women's V-neck dress chiffon dress.

Two-color water-soluble lace elegant dress

Gray often enhance the temperament of the models, can do a small dress to wear Yo ZUI people shine is this two-color water-soluble dress with color, people relaxed and happy, simple and generous round neck design is very resistant to see people do not pick, skirt body Lace pattern mechanism, elegant addition of a more fashionable sense of this dress waist three-dimensional stitching pendulum is very unique sense of hierarchy, because he just in the waist can be hips and thighs flesh up to play a visual buffer Effect.

Canvas pony striped print dress

Ladies ladies wind, cotton splicing water soluble lace, if the cloak-style water-soluble, not only elegant and beautiful, but also very good cover the flesh on the arm, red shirt collar, hit the color of the good-looking, highlight the charming temperament. Elegant chiffon skirt, Xianqi full, waist lace can also show a good body. Sexy V-neck design, wild fashion, charm temperament.

Small fresh print V-neck silk dress

Printed dress for the beauty of the girls brought endless romantic mood Every woman has a lingering heart of the printing complex This print gives a sunny full of holiday style of light blue tones, giving a Blue and blue sky of the reverie to get the skin Geng plus white V-neck design modified the curve of the neck exposed beautiful tired of plus size dresses the clavicle we in the collar design a large v, lace decoration to add a little tenderness this dress gives the feeling Is fresh and refined.