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Bride wedding on the perfect match with the law
There is no doubt that the bride is the wedding of the first actress, is the audience the most happy and most beautiful woman. Then to become the focus of the wedding day, you need to carefully plan and prepare your perfect dress!

Sexy strapless design in the lace of the decorated under the feminine, tighten the waist and fluffy skirt is the most classic wedding profile, transparent yarn sleeve times the court noble sense of dignity. Smooth lines of hand-made flowers set off slender waist more elongated body proportion.

Holding flowers: Choosing your bouquets is very important and will not only make you shine, but it also determines the other bouquets and decorations on the wedding. Bride bouquet according to pink wedding dress the dress style and the bride's body to decide.

Simple and elegant temperament: minimalist cut with elegant folds, full of elegant artistic temperament, fish tail skirt set off the perfect body, and then with the same simple pearl earrings and necklaces, elegant texture glow with the most charming luster.

Style: according to your personality, temperament and body to determine the style of the wedding, romantic, refined, sexy, it's up to you!

Elegant Slim Lace: Lovely Bubble Sleeve, High Waist, Slim Skirt and Sweep Skirt, these extremely elegant design under the lace of the package so that women were elegant and dignified, the most suitable for the petite bride, with simple diamonds Accessories to enhance the sense of exquisite and shiny.

Custom time: If you need to customize the wedding, it is best to start preparing for 9 months in advance, because the light design and production will take about 6 months time, coupled with subtle changes, plenty of time is necessary The

Luxury custom tailoring: exquisite tailoring, pay attention to the folds and high-level fabric reflects the advanced custom luxury grade, rich and exaggerated details long sleeve wedding dress of the decoration for the tall bride, luxury diamond accessories even more charming and extravagant.

graduation dresses Season: the wedding season to determine the style and fabric wedding, silk soft satin, thin sand, transparent hard yarn and other relatively thin fabrics, suitable for hot summer, and brocade and velvet more heavy, it is a good choice for the winter wedding.

Color: white nature is the most classic color, but it is not the only, champagne, water pink to pink, very rich.