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Bride wedding dress how to choose?
Wedding dress is all girls are dreaming to want to wear, we all hope that one day can wear beautiful, grand wedding, put himself to that pair of him.

1, A word skirt wedding dress

Has been a lot of people choose the wedding style, which is a gradually expanded by the buttocks, similar to the capital letter A cut. It is simple and smooth cut by the pursuit of many brides, not only elegant and generous, but also gives a streamlined and slim feeling, while the lower body can cover up the problem of fat.

2, the Princess skirt wedding dress

Princess dress style wedding dress is the best choice for fantasy and gorgeous wedding, wearing a particularly luxurious look like a grand, like a princess-like, rich feeling of nobility, is like a dream or gorgeous sense of the bride's favorite, but also to cover the lower body fat The problem is also one of the popular wedding style.

bridesmaid dresses 3, fish tail wedding dress

Fish tail style wedding dress can highlight the beauty of women, suitable for the body proud of the bride. This type of wedding is characterized by close to the knee position to significantly narrow the cut, to highlight the female body type curve, coupled with the chest to the waist of the personal cut, the bride's good body perfect show. Fishtail skirt wedding dress can also make the bride more graceful when walking, more mature and elegant, is the most beautiful curve and sexy choice.

Chinese wedding has its festive, Western-style wedding has its beautiful, the two did not highlight. Love lively people can choose Chinese, like simplicity can choose Western style. No matter what form, the same can be harvested the blessing of new people. More wedding dress recommended:

White wedding dress, is more bride will choose the color, all because of white can give pure beauty as ever. This set of Korean version of the high-waist wedding dress, a long tail, the whole up to 2.2 meters, skirt a total of 9 layers, fluffy natural, inside lining, wearing comfortable, large skirt to cover the abdomen, Pregnant eight months of the prospective mother can maxi dresses wear the next.

Red wedding dress more special, red style gives a more fond of the feeling. High waist Korean wedding dress, Slim three-dimensional cut, was thin effect is very obvious, sexy heart-shaped Bra design, you can soften the shoulder lines, three-dimensional roses bright diamond embellishment, you can sketch sexy full chest type, large and long Skirt, with lace lace and sequins, put on shiny, more noble and elegant.

The traditional culture of the Chinese nation is broad and profound, the traditional dress is a symbol, a festive, but also represents a sense of ritual, it will make your wedding more flavor. Chinese wedding items are biased towards red, red wine, crimson will appear, because the red on behalf of festive, lively, is the Chinese people prefer the color, prom dresses the meaning of a better, far more.

Longfeng jacket is a major feature of the clothes on the embroidery, need a needle line sewing, exquisite lapel piping design, without losing the classic charm of clothes, gorgeous embroidery, highlights the female curve of the body, the release of your Elegant temperament, double cuffs, retro level, fit the arm curve.

China's traditional wedding dress followed the pace of the times, and slowly also carried out a lot of improvements, a set of toast dress Slim cut, will make the bride action more convenient. Exquisite aesthetic design of the word shoulder, revealing a romantic clean, waist effect is obvious, skirt loose drape feeling white dress good, showing graceful posture.

Chinese festive, Western-style aesthetic, two can not be the other side of the United States, it is difficult to make a choice. If it is you, you will choose passionate, or pure white now?