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Bridal fashion pants wedding handsome wedding trends
Now many new people will pursue fashion novelty, want to choose not the same wedding style, then pants wedding can be a new choice, the following look at this stylish handsome pants wedding dress.

Many people think that pants wedding dress for those temperament free and easy free and easy girl, white dress but today's pants wedding dress more and more soft and elegant.

Compared to the pompon skirt, this dress is not only more atmospheric feminine, but also a lot of high level!

Originally the beginning of the pants wedding dress, the main design of this simple white trousers or white one-piece pants, more suitable for temperament skill chic girls control, if you want to take the princess wind sweet, really a little support Not ...

But prom dresses after the pants wedding will have a hot trend, has long been not in the wedding "heterogeneous". Now the pants wedding dress are often to be skirt soft design.

If you are married in a warm season, you can maxi dresses consider using light-colored fabrics, such as silk. If it is in the winter wedding, the best choice of brocade, because this fabric can best bring out the luxury of the wedding.

Chinese wedding dress mainly cheongsam and Tangzhuang mainly, compared to the Western wedding dress, Chinese dress fusion of the essence of traditional culture, so that new people look more cordial and natural.

Cheongsam on the female body requirements are higher, better reflect the bride sexy beautiful curve. Tang suit is the body of the body is relatively loose, suitable for most of the bride wearing.

long sleeve wedding dress Red dress can set off the bride's generous, is the first choice for most people. The pink dress allows the bride to look more beautiful young, white dress will make the bride look both noble and elegant.