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Bridal bridesmaid dresses favorite wedding dress These weddings you will choose which one
1, lace dress may be many small sisters who like the style, this white bohemian lace dress will believe that many maxi dresses brides will love, looking very romantic and beautiful.

2, if you are the bride to go sexy route, this gauze evening gowns lace dress will make you stunning audience.

3, dotted with glittering diamond dress, I believe many brides will love, after all, most of the women for the buling buling flash dress is not much resistance, large chest V neck design is also very sexy.

4, you are confident enough of their own body, this sexy fringed dress design, I believe you will choose, will put it down. Perfect show your body at the same time, creating a gorgeous atmosphere.

5, this one is very suitable for more conservative bride, long-sleeved transparent lace looks very romantic, I believe elders also like this dignified with a temperament.

wedding dress 6, the sweet bride choose this large tail lace dress, but sexy, dew just right.

7, with a little perspective effect, flower lace embellishment, sexy glance, you will let the groom's eyes can not do without you.

8, a little retro style, do not know if you like the type, Xiaobian think it is not bad yet.

9, a small flower Puff skirt, the upper body is a small flower sexy v neck design, the following is elegant lace tulle, a little bit of sweet a little sexy.

10, exquisite sparkling dress, pearl decorated like stars in the sky, full of romantic happiness atmosphere.

Wedding dress bride was thin tail of the palace tail Ting Qi

Holy angels, noble, Europeanized Western version, the car with lace sleeves, modified wide shoulders and arm fat, thin people were fat chest waist. Fluffy three-dimensional self-confidence charming, luxurious pettiskirt can not let go fish fluffy.

Long tail of the bride to the court long sleeve tutu skirt wedding

Translucent neckline design, revealing the dim beauty of the looming, hand-woven flowers and network of fine pearl, a good modification of the V-neck chest, Sleeve aesthetic, so that the wedding looks dignified and beautiful ~