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Beautiful wedding dedicated to the most beautiful you, sweet dream time freeze in our minds
Every girl, in the marriage hall into the day, have to do their own queen, white and noble wedding, wedding is a must, it makes your every turn and look back, because it is beautiful to the extreme The

Wedding as thin as fog like light, worn on the body, beautiful graceful posture was printed in the bottom of my heart. Every beautiful wedding as if there is magic, it is beautiful and elegant, highlights the gentle and exciting.

No matter how the usual choice, but the big day when the attack on the white gauze, often worthy of your careful to be, it is from the heart, so few times bustling sigh.

Princess wedding dress

Layers of yarn-like fabric is a major highlight of the princess wedding, although it is more classical wedding style, but it Li Yongle vertical lines to cut, to the upper body fit, hem gradually wide upper body effect, so that the bride looks Lively yet well-behaved, but also a lot of bride are favored style.

The use of laminated veil pulled the hip line, so let the waist look more slender, Yingying a grip of the feeling is not only thin, and the temperament can also be more prominent graceful, but the material is not bloated material because it is used Multi-layer and wave edge of the design, so that the overall appearance of the wedding is light level.

Fish tail wedding

Fish-tail wedding reference to the "Mermaid" shape, as a whole gives a noble and mature feeling, showing a knee like a masculine wide skirt, the wedding scene can show the bride's body The

Elegant package design is very chic, the front is quite law-abiding, but behind the heart-shaped hollow is revealed a trace of a small sexy stuff, multi-layer fine arrangement printed on the tail part of the fish is more convex, Need a so close to the perfect wedding.

beach wedding dress Tube Top wedding dress

The wedding dress has been praised by everyone, it can be a good highlight of the bride's body, without shoulder design wedding simple and neat, with a veil looks generous natural, chest and waist design to support the overall wedding The shape of wild and safe, so you United States and the United States through the marriage of Big day.

Wedding dress design is very unique, the use of straps to create a more attractive curve, elegant lace with the design of the yarn so it is gorgeous but not exaggerated, both fashion and elegance at the same time it is more expensive , Let the fairy tale in reality.

Skirt skirt wedding dress

Skirt wedding dress more traditional, but it will be more than the general style of the wedding dress more fit, tight cheap wedding dress waist tightly designed to tighten the waist, feeling the bride like a princess, is also very popular style, full of bride can choose Long sleeves or V-shaped waist line style, the effect will be better.

Wedding with a unique version of the type, Tube Top of the organ pleats made a special treatment, purple wedding dress skirt body is also under the ingenuity is divided into two layers, with a pompon skirt shape but also gave birth to a sense of grace , In the marriage of this critical moment, it also allows you to "not Zhuangshan".