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A rare aesthetic interpretation of a late autumn dream
Feathers cut paper elements, lace row of flowers, Baroque style ..... 2017 spring and summer China International Fashion Week T station shine, every wedding is full of thick fashion, I believe that every bride will fall in love and want Upper body try on.

Chest thin thread design, romantic charming veil long sleeves, vaguely revealed between the sexy, chest strong feathers filled with sexy and charming temptation and dignified and elegant, lace row of flowers and chiffon Of the combination of the original is not a simple gauze, adding a bit of a sense of luxury.

plus size dresses This wedding dress with hand-painted design, and lace tulle together, let us see the fine and elegant. Unique tight design makes the overall LOOK look slim sexy, lace sleeveless style will show the bride's shoulder lines, skirt with romantic fishtail style, in the elegant no lack of graceful grace.

Deep v sexy, with lace delicate and beautiful, paper-cut feathers just right to design in the shoulders part, so that the accident design, so that the wedding more than a clear sense of hierarchy, which is the color of this dress out of the place. Although not as a poncho skirt like beach wedding dress a princess style, but this wedding is more suitable for prom dresses mature temperament elegant women.

Exquisite lace row of flowers, and the complex hand beads more this section to add gorgeous details, as always, create an elegant image of the thin lace lace shawl, add a bit elegant fashion sense.

This wedding is a typical Baroque style, elegant and not exaggerated. Exquisite lace handflush embellishment and fantastic chiffon perfect interpretation of the romantic aesthetic, Xianqi full!

Thin through the yarn shawl, cover part of the body, vaguely revealing graceful figure curve, purple wedding dress romantic charming shoulder, delicate delicate clavicle, both full of sexy charming temptation and dignified and elegant, three-dimensional lace Row of flowers and the combination of hand-Dingzhu, the perfect interpretation of the Baroque style unique beauty.

This section with elegant and romantic bean sand color to the interpretation of the impeccable lace row of flowers and romantic design process, like a dream fairy tale beauty and beautiful bride elegant interpretation! At the same time, the tulle fabric, and the full hand-beaded embellishment gives the new Baroque mood.

To exquisite gorgeous paper-cut feathers, lace row of flowers, hand-sealing details of the main features, shoulder, chest, waist design has a significant fashion style. Elegant and beautiful but without losing the lady dream, giving the bride more atmosphere and mysterious temperament.